Blogging Team

Nick Howley – Blog Manager


Hi, I’m Nick, the Digital Communications Officer for Student Minds. I graduated from the university of Oxford this year (2014) with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and I am excited to join the Student Minds team for the year. Having run socially-focused websites in the past, I’m looking forward to publicising the things we do through social media and taking on the Students Against Depression project. In my spare time I love playing the piano, meeting up with friends, reading about current affairs (forever the politics student) and watching films. If you have any questions, you can always email me at

Veronique Freyer

Véronique FreyerHi 😉 I’m V and I’m glad to join the Student Minds team. I believe it’s crucial to raise awareness as well as challenge notions about mental health (issues) and that’s why I’m happy to contribute to this specific charity. I finished my BA in English Language and English Literature this summer and now I am doing a placement at a primary school and I also tutor children outside of school. In my free time I like to go for photography walks and I also volunteer at a cat welfare organisation

Miguel Morin

Miguel MorinMiguel was educated in Lisbon until 18, graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris in 2004, graduated with a PhD in Economics from Columbia University in New York in 2014, and is now working as a post-doc at the University of Cambridge. He is working on the impact of technology adoption on the labor market, from a theoretical perspective with the adoption of computers in recent decades, and also from an empirical and historical perspective with the adoption of electricity in the 1930s.

Grace Anderson

Grace AndersonI’m Grace and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to blog for student minds. As a student myself studying psychology, I would like to raise awareness of mental health and give insight into life as a student and my own personal experiences of mental health in order for others to realise that they are not alone. Being a student can be hard, but the good memories you will create will far outweigh the difficult times.

Becky McCerery

becky mccerery picHi, I’m Becky! Having suffered with mental health difficulties all my life, blogging for student minds is a perfect opportunity for me to reach out and support others in similar situations. I’m currently studying a foundation degree in Applied Science at Northumbria University and will progress onto Environmental Science in September 2015. I’m also working for my university as a STEM Ambassador and in my spare time I love getting involved in science/environmental blogging and engagement, watching movies or relaxing with a cup of tea a good book.

Hope Butler

Hope ButlerHi I am Hope, a full time undergraduate student studying History at the University of York. I think that mental health issues are some of the most pressing concerns in today’s society, and that is why I feel it is so important to speak out, help and educate people on the matter as much as possible. In my spare time I love to read, bake and hang out with friends, as well as writing my own lifestyle and fashion blog.

Hannah V

Mental Health Stigma 1 - Copy

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m currently a medical student in Liverpool and wanted to write for Student Minds as I have suffered with depression myself for a long time. I became very low again in early 2014 and decided to set up a blog, where I write about my mental health experiences in a positive light and set myself a task to do something I enjoy every day, and then write about it – my blog is It has really helped me recover and I hope to share my tips to help others get better on this blog too. I’m also really passionate about challenging the stigma around mental health – I want to show people that it’s okay to talk about it! In my spare time I love photography, fashion and walking my two labradors, but there’s nothing better than a Sunday lie-in with some chocolate and a good book.

Rose Liddell

Rose LiddellHi, I’m Rose. I am currently a Masters student studying an MA in Philosophy at the University of Birmingham after completing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy. I am passionate about student welfare and mental health issues and currently volunteer as a Childline counsellor. I also run a student-led organisation designed to provide students with emotional support during their time at University. I am really excited to now be blogging for Student Minds and writing about mental health issues!

Ursula D

Ursula DoorgaHi, I’m Ursula. Through suffering from mental health difficulties myself, I’ve always wanted to help those who struggle. Since being diagnosed whilst a student, the urgency to save minds and lives has become stronger. Nobody should be left feeling guilty and alone when suffering from a mental illness. It’s real, it’s horrible – but it can be fought.

I graduated from a Fashion and Culture Journalism degree a few months ago, and currently studying CBT & Counselling; teaching myself skills and practises in order to empower individuals, beat mental health stigma, and one day save lives.

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