How do I write for the Student Minds Blog?

Just e-mail blog@studentminds.org.uk to get in contact with our friendly blog manager. Let us know what you’d like to write about; if you’re not sure quite what to write about, tell us about your background and we can help you think of a few ideas!

Can I be anonymous?

Of course! We can publish your blog post without information about the author. If you want to operate under an exciting pseudonym, that’s also an option – and if you have no ideas for pseudonyms, we can help you think of one.

Who will see my blog post?

Student Minds has a national online reach, and we like to shout about everything that students have to say about mental health. All of the blogs posted will be publicised across our networks, and will potentially reach thousands of people.

What is Student Minds?

Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity. We support a network of student groups campaigning on campuses to change the state of student mental health, and we train student volunteers to run peer support groups. We aim to bring people together to share strategies for managing mental health and to talk openly in a safe and pro-recovery environment. We work to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to look after their own mental health and each other’s mental health.

You can check out the work we do at our website. We’re constantly sharing tips for looking after your mental health on Facebook and Twitter, which is where we’ll keep you in the loop with opportunities for getting involved with the work we do.


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