Write for the Blog

The Student Minds blog is the biggest national student mental health blog in the UK. Most of the content on this blog is written by students, but sometimes we take the opportunity to champion what student volunteers are doing across the country to improve student mental health!

We welcome submissions from all students and university alumni about student mental health and university wellbeing. Past blog posts have included personal experiences of mental health difficulties, tips on dealing with different aspects of university life, and stories of supporting a friend or being supported by a friend. We encourage anybody who has something to say about student mental health to make their voice heard and write to us!

If you have an idea for a blog post, get in touch with our friendly blog manager at blog@studentminds.org.uk. We’ll help you turn your idea into a blog post, and publicise it across our national networks!

If you’re keen to blog for us on a regular or long-term basis, consider joining our blogging team. As a Student Minds blogger, you’ll have ongoing support from us in thinking of topics to write on, as well as receiving a monthly email with a preview of our upcoming campaigns and programmes, and blog topic suggestions to tie in with these. You’ll also have your own dedicated profile on a Blogging Team page on the Student Minds blog. Let us know if you’d like to join by sending us an e-mail at blog@studentminds.org.uk.

Questions about Student Minds and blogging? Check out our FAQ page.


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